Introducing Stechie Solutions

Hi There,

We are extremely happy to launch our full-fledged blogging and content writing service company “” where we offer multiple services like blog set up, wordpress customization(Tweaks, CSS/HTML changes), content writing, link building etc.. It’s not only a company it’s the complete platform where we provide quality services for bloggers, online entrepreneurs and online businesses.

Stechie Solutions

What is is a full-fledge solution for getting quality blogging services and web design services. It’s a portal where you publishers can get quality content writers and web designers for setting up their site and providing theme tweaks.

AIMs & Objectives of

Through we aim to gap the bridge between the real web developers (or bloggers) and service providers (content writers and web designers).

The main objectives of Stechie are:

  • Providing the best quality web designing services at a cost everyone can afford.
  • SEO audits of interested blogs to help them get higher ranks in SERPs.
  • Bridging the gap between the content publishers and content writers.
  • Providing WordPress installation and setting up the blog.
  • Providing custom theme tweaks and other site customizations for the lowest price in themarket.


Since long we have been seeing the lack of professional WordPress services which is accessible by everyone. Most dedicated WordPress service sites require high membership plans and or are too hard to work with.

The backdrop:

We have come across clients who were sheer frustrated by their content web developers for unprofessionalism. Most felt cheated when their client did not offer after sales support for their projects.

Numerous readers and friends over social networking sites always complain that they don’t shift to professional blogging (WordPress platform) because they did not know the technicalities of hosting and WordPress installation.

Same was with content writing niche. We have seen huge number of highly talented freelance writers who never get paid deservingly. They never get noticed by potential publishers and end up writing projects for the prices of pea nuts.

On the other hand, many publishers contacted us for hiring a good candidate for their website content creation. The reason was they did not know a perfect place to look for freelance writers, or rather we can say such a place never existed.

The outcome:

We then thought, it was time we need to show our gratitude to this online world by doing our bit. We have seen tremendous success online and now we want our clients to taste it too. So we thought, it’s time to bridge the gap:

The gap between: non-coders and beautifully designed sites.

The gap between: new bloggers and professional hosted WordPress sites.

The gap between: Content publishers and content creators.

The gap between: an un-optimized blog and a high ranking blog (through SEO audit and guidance)

What do we offer?

Stechie as a service hub offers the following:

1) Affordable yet word class web designing services to make your site speedy, SEO optimized and clean.

2) Provides WordPress installation services along with Full blog set up.

3) Our support starts after sales. We believe we are all one family online. So in case you have purchased a service from us; feel safe. We will handle all your technical glitches and guide you to better blogging.

4) We have a fully experienced and tested team of content writers, should you need one, and we are here.

5) For content writers, register yourself here and avail to write for payment.

6) We offer SEO audits on request. We will have a through checking of your blog, it’s on page optimization and off page optimization and then give you valuable tips on what to do better and how you can achieve more.


At Stechie, we have a vision to serve the online community better. We want to bring some positive changes in the present system of blogging service providers. Our aim is not money making (we already have other successful projects), but we know we need money to keep running the services so we charge the minimum and most affordable rates. And that too without compromising the quality.

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  1. Wish you all the very best!

    I am sure each and every person who will work with you will definitely going to experience a good quality service in affordable prices.

    All the best! 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  2. Nirmala Santhakumar

    Many congratulations for this new tech venture Atish & Zainil 🙂

    Get reliable services for blogging/internet marketing is no piece of cake in today’s world as most of the people are working just to make money and doesn’t care about the quality of work.

    It’s really good to know the objectives of Stechie and range of excellence services you’re offering for the people.

    I wish you both to achieve a grand success in this latest endeavour 🙂

  3. Congratulation team and All the best for this startup.
    I am sure your future client will be more happy as compare to current client. You are doing really well to reach the quality of services and product.
    Once again.
    All The Best! 🙂
    >SK Lohar


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